Tuesday, 21 August 2007


She stares at me,
with eyes that reveal a void
with eyes that speak of pain
the pain of confinement
of being held captive.
A chosen captivity.

Yet that familiarity that holds her
provides a sense of security-
of comfort
though false, very dear to her
should those barriers fall,
should their hinges come loose,
the waves
of freedom,
of vunerability
may sweep
too hard
too fast
too soon
may overwhelm...
and drown her soul.

Yes, she looks at me
and speaks in words I understand
Pressed up against the glass
She looks out
with envy,
at the world outside her four familiar walls.

one day she will
break free,
I know it.

With courage
break free.

Then the girl in my mirror
will be no more...