Wednesday, 15 August 2007

A big word

Today I learnt a big word that I not only understand but will use quite frequently I believe- at least in this lifetime. Sure I've learnt bigger words in the past such as 'supercallifragillisticexpialidocious' (wth i don;t even know how to spell it!), but I don;t see any relevance or any use of this word whatsoever in my daily life so that defeats the whole point of knowing the word. I cant go around saying..."Hi today is so supercalli...etc." cos i'll just risk sounding like a flaming idiot. aah...u get my drift.
Today's word somewhat useful..and it's so amazingly took me a while to digest it and then pronounce it. I like it!


Ah there we go! What a useful addition to my somewhat limited vocabulary!

To imagine i used to think pterygopalatine and dysdidokokinesia was long. This word is 10 syllables and 21 letters long. What a beauty!

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YueN said...

hey wern! hmmm..personally, that other word you have there, dysdidokokinesia gives me more prob than pseudohypopituitarism. haha also, i don't know what the former means..

All the best wern!

Haven't returned ur CD to you yet!!