Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Thats pics of me trying to look like a real doctor. about getting socialised and learning norms..

Monday, 17 September 2007

The reminder

I needed that reminder..
thank you for reminding me that it's alright
to fall,
to fail,
and to be upset afterward.
Thank you for reminding me that
God's grace is sufficient.

If you are reading this...and have been hurt by me in the past few weeks...I'm really sorry. Do come look for me so I personally apologise. I've just not been in the best of moods lately so I have not been quite myself. :)

Friday, 14 September 2007

Where are You...?

Am I too blind to see?
Am I too deaf to hear?
Am I too daft to understand?

I can't comprehend what You're doing...
If You would just communicate with me effectively..that would help me alot.
I am frustrated..can't You see?
Don't You know?
Where are You in all of this?
Where are You?

I know You see
I know You hear
And I want to know that You understand
You say You love me and You understand...
But I cant seem to put 2 and 2 together.
This doesnt make sense.


O I'd like so much to die in Autumn
In a place where Autumn is real
The dying trees litter the floor with beautiful shades of gold, red, orange, yellow and brown.
The dying trees litter the ground above me
Beauty in death
Beauty in dying.
and cave inward as winter walks by
decay with me
harsh cold winter
the harsh reality of death.

Thursday, 6 September 2007

Segamat kittens

Last Tuesday, Shehara and I 'stumbled' across a box of 4 hungry kittens abandoned outside and electrical shop nearby our hotel. They were left to die. So Shehara and I decided that since we can't take them back to the hotel to care for them...we would sit by the 5-foot-way and feed them some of my low fat milk. We sat and fed them for a whole 2 hours.

Shehara is an animal lover. She is Vegan because she is an animal lover. She has the personal cellphone number of a Vet in KL because she is an animal lover. She feeds the strays outside Monash University and takes them regularly to the Vet because she is an animal lover. She did this...because she is an animal lover. I on the other hand...just wanted some fun.

Rural and venepuncture

The 2 weeks at rural have been challenging. It has been difficult having to share a room for 2 weeks with someone else and not having my personal space which I'm so used to and treasure greatly. The merdeka weekend that I spent in JB was super relaxing and fun though. Keith was a good host. Just some pictures of my time at rural and in JB/Skudai.

Venepuncture practical took place a LONG time ago but I just go the pictures of my friend, Shehara. This was the very first time I EVER drew blood from someone- definitely not the last...

Friday, 24 August 2007


Round and round
I run the wheel
Almost as if I were

I know not
the beginning
and the end
Yet it is too

Each phase passes
accompanied by
a myriad of emotions
and then it repeats itself.

It mocks me
I give it the satisfation.

No more surprises
I anticipate
the coming- the loop.

I feel no more.

Like mist
it clouds
and evaporates
and clouds
and evaporates.
and until I stop running
and it evaporates for eternity
I will remain

Trapped in this cynical cycle.