Friday, 14 September 2007

Where are You...?

Am I too blind to see?
Am I too deaf to hear?
Am I too daft to understand?

I can't comprehend what You're doing...
If You would just communicate with me effectively..that would help me alot.
I am frustrated..can't You see?
Don't You know?
Where are You in all of this?
Where are You?

I know You see
I know You hear
And I want to know that You understand
You say You love me and You understand...
But I cant seem to put 2 and 2 together.
This doesnt make sense.

1 comment:

a passing cloud said...

Hey girl, praying for you. Today I had a good long talk with someone about spiritual matters, the struggles of believing where faith is absent and skepticism grows. He shared his struggles too. After much discussion, I felt refreshed. It's a hard lonely struggle, but sometimes a guide (sent by God?) can come our way to provide just enough comfort and encouragement for us to decide to go on. Talking it out too may help. Hope your guide will come speedily.